Top 5 Exercises For Losing Weight

Top 5 model losing weight exercises evaluated by experts

People are caring to their health more nowadays. They go to parks or gym centre to do exercises to improve health. One of their concerns is the size of hip. They spend a huge amount of money and time in gym centre and searching for losing weight exercise but the results are not met their expectation because of inappropriate exercises.

Effective exercises to lose weight for you

These five following losing weight exercises is recommended by experts in losing weight because of their effectiveness in reducing weight.


If you are lack of time and economy to come to gym centre jogging is a perfect exercise to burn calories. You only need to spend from 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning to do exercise and jogging around park or your living area will help you decrease your calories significantly. 


Swimming is the body movement sport which help you not only reduce weight but also relieve stress. When swimming, The calories will be burned quickly by the effect of water trend especially thigh, arms. Please notice that after swimming, you should not eat. If you are hungry, you should eat foods contain fewer calories and fat, carbohydrates to lose weight quickly. Let practice this exercise as swimming not only reduce weight but also improve your health.

Experts said that this is a subject that helps you lose weight quite effectively, just spend 2 hours for a weekend will help you decrease a huge amount of calories; hence, please maintain swimming for better health.

Abdominal Crunch

Abdominal Crunch is the most effective workout to help lose belly fat. You lie on the floor as two hands placed behind head. Lifting your upper body up and remaining the legs and hump. Doing this working continuously 30 minutes every day and you will recognize the amazing result to your body.

This exercise is for the abdomen as your abdomen will be impacted directly to disperse the heat and the amount of fat in the abdomen and waist will be burn significantly. This workout is the fastest way to lose weight and help you get back your toned, slim abdomen.

Abdominal crunch reduces belly fat quickly

Twirling with hoop

This workout will help your abdomen become slim and toned quickly. It would be more effective and burn fat faster if you practice every morning and evening. Therefore, you should add this workout in your schedule.

Twirling with hoop is prefer by women as it burn belly fat quickly. Main friction of the hoop has a direct impact on the waistline, help you lose belly fat quickly and effectively

Twirling with hoop to attain a sexy body


The Hiit program are made by the experts for people who want to lose weight effectively and scientifically. It is a combination of different exercises which are quite intense; hence, there are few people can remain the program continuously and successfully. Therefore, you should not be tired or fear of exercises to lose weight to achieve slim and lean body. Good luck!