1. How to use the Cleanse Wonder detoxifying juice?

The detoxifying process lasts for two days. The serving for one day is a mix of 0.5 bottle of Cleanse Wonder with 1-1.5 liters of purified water and to divide into four portions of 250ml/each to drink in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening. It is noted that the last portion should be consumed at 8pm and completely no food is taken for an effective detox. Besides, you should drink more than 2.5 litter of water during detoxifying two days.

2. Do I need to be on diet before using Cleanse Wonder?

Before using Cleanse Wonder, you can eat as usual.

3. What should be the diet after I finish using the products. Will I gain weight again?

After the product is consumed and the targeted weight is achieved, you should adjust your diet in which the carbohydrates and sweet food are limited, and the vegetables as well as food in rich of fiber are increased. You should also exercise regularly to maitain a stable weight level.

4. When is it most appropriate to take the juice during two day detoxifying fast?

During two day detoxifying fast, it is strongly recommended to take the juice at the following times:

5. What if I do not lose any weight after taking the Cleanse Wonder?

If you don’t lose any weight after using Cleanse Wonder, there should be two reasons below.

  • First, during the detoxifying fast, you are not strictly on diet. Thus, the detox is not effective.
  • Second, although you don’t lose any weight, the toxins are still eliminated out of your body. Thus, the body will be fresher.

6) The fat will be reduced for the whole body or just of some parts when taking Cleanse Wonder?

When taking Cleanse Wonder, all of the redundant fat in the whole body will be burned, not only the fat of some parts. Especially, the waist will be smaller for about 3cm.

7) Will it be tired for the user to go without food for two days? Will it be exhausted for the body?

The Cleanse Wonder will provide you with sufficient vitamin, minerals, and fiber. Thus, you will not feel tired. Especially, the protein in the product will not make you hungry but provide energy to you. Especially, there are no reported side effects using Cleanse Wonder because the product is not a kind of medicine and does not contain exipients.

8) When should I take the next detoxifying fast after the first one?

After the first detoxfiying fast around 5 days, the customers can start the second one.

9) Where is the Cleanse Wonder origin?

The product is originated from the U.S., evaluated by the FDA, and granted the certificate of international standard products.

10) Is it possible to reduce 5kg for one detoxifying fast?

It depends on the reaction of each person’s body due to the different redundant fat amounts and weights. However, you can reduce up to 10lbs for every detoxifying fast using Cleanse Wonder.

11) Does Cleanse Wonder reduce fat or water in my body?

Cleanse Wonder help you detoxify and burn the extra fat in your body. During the detoxification the extra fat is burned by Vitamin B, which making energy to maintain the functions of body organs. Likewise, the fiber contained in Cleanse Wonder improves the digestive system and accelerates the detoxification.

13) Will my skin be darkened or affect my digestive system like other diet products?

When using Cleanse Wonder, you can still remain the normal life and work activities. The product will not effect to your skin or your digestive system like other diet products.

14)Will I have any discount if I buy a lot of Cleanse Wonder products?

The Cleanse Wonder is from the U.S. with the public rate of $65

15) What elements does Cleanse Wonder include?

Cleanse Wonder’s elements are 100% generated from fruits, thus, supplying essential vitamins and minerals to help your body detoxified and your skin shining. It also helps to reduce the calories absorbed to your body and reduce the redundant fat up to 10lbs in 2 days.