Exercises For Fat Burn and Tightening Belly

Excercises for fat burn and tightening belly

- Fat burn excercise 1:

Close your knees, kneel on the floor, both arms fall naturally with fingers pointing downward, eyes straight. Right leg stretchs up to the right, right foot touches the floor, back side of the leg's tight, lift both arms up, paralel to the floor, palms facing down. Inhale and turn to the right, bend upper body and right arm, place right hand on the back of right leg, palm down; left arm pointing the ground, eyes looking at left hand's finger tips. 

Continue to inhale, left arm points to the right, downward, place left hand on right hand, left arm presses against the ear, head's between both arms. Hold this position, inhale and exhale 3-6 times, exhale, back to the first position. Continue the exercise with the other side, do it 3-6 times each side for best effect.


- Fat burn exercise 2: 

The "boat exercise" is the simple but effective belly-fat-burning exercise.

It's hard not to mention the "boat exercise" among all the belly-fat-burning exercises that many people have chosen. You can practice this exercise as follows: sit with bending knee, feet slightly lift up, stretch your arms forward, focus your weight on hip bone, abs tightening, chest lifts up. Slowly straightening up your legs until you make a 45 degree angle. Hold it for 30s - 1min, breath regularly. Repeat it from 10 to 15 times for effectiveness.

- Fat burning exercise 3:

Sit up is the exercise for tightening abs.

Almost everyone knows the sit up exercise and its effectiveness in burning the excessive belly fat. Doing sit up regularly helps the body burn calories faster, and burn belly fat more effectively. Therefore, people with excessive weight can do sit up everyday for a toner body. 

Is the belly fat burning exercise really effective? 

Doing exercise regularly will help you to get a toned body and improve your health. However, in order to get the best effectiveness from those exercises, you have to be highly determined and have lots of free time. Not everyone can do this.

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